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Click here The agent has to have a physical address.O.Contents, in contrast to a general partnership or a sole proprietorship that is usually formed as soon as you are ready to start running the business,.Why are the state generic forms basically the same thing as long drawn out Articles of Incorporation you ask?This can either be submitted in person at the office of the department or secretary of state or sent by mail depending on the nature of your incorporation.

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Articles of incorporation act as the charter for the company, providing an accurate description of the mission of the company, the people who run things in the company and the structure under which the company is in operation.While laws vary by state and country, use this free articles of incorporation template as a starting off point to register your non-profit organization.
What are you incorporating this company to do, or what services do you aim to provide?Requirements of Articles of Incorporation The organization of corporations into legal entities is governed by state statutes.Will meet every month, once a year, etc.

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